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"Most of the crowd are keen to earn money, but not remembering the fact that if not spending, saving and investing thoughtfully, have to earn till the last breath..!" Tabeel Financial Consultants look into each and every nitty-gritty's of one's financial phase, analyse and advice based on the observations; to meet all his needs and wants in present and in future. The services include Risk Profiling, Need Analysis and Fact Finding, Complete Portfolio Management and Personal Investment Guidance, Liability Risk Control and Debt Elimination etc...

We have segregated our responsibilities into four key portfolios...

Financial Planning



Analyzing the needs and wants of individuals; converting the same into values and figures considering the inflation factors; and helping them to achieve goals by managing the flow of income. This is just about to saving or investing towards our future needs... Needs are mostly time-bound; need to handle very carefully; or else we will have to reap the fruits unripe.




Wealth Management

Once the provision for your needs have been set apart; the right mix of products with "differential risk and return" can enhance the growth of your portfolio to the maximum by taking certain calculative risk without affecting your goals, financial stability or standard of living...


We help you to leverage the growth of your wealth to the utmost according to your risk appetite. The choice of products are at completely at the discretion of the investor to decide from the whole gamut of products available; but we are there as a support to guide with the facts and figures of any wealth management product's performance or strategy.




Risk Management

This is all about insurance...


Life Insurance is not an investment product; but that's a provider to the family at the eventuality! Nobody wants to get richer at the cost of their loved ones. But no one should get poorer too if the bread winner is no more...! We focus on adequate insurance cover...and our logical analysis tool will help to find out the required insurance cover. We help to meet the needs of cover through Pure Term Insurance Plan. Again client can choose the provider; we will help you with facts and figures to take up the decision.

Health Insurance and medi-claims are the protectors of your wealth at the time of ill health and sickness in the family. It is an unavoidable factor in everyone's portfolio. We will guide and provide services towards the same. "There is NO MIX UP of Insurance and Investments"...



Debt Elimination

We live in an age of consumerism and people do tend to spend more than what they get or what they are supposed to spend.


And the role of plastic money; that plays a major role in the young generation as well as the middle aged ones to lead to live a lifestyle which they can't afford to live with their financial capacities and income. And the matter of fact is that one fine day the person will come to the realization; his credit card outstanding and loan accounts are eating of his lion part of the salary income and he has to live with the tiny amount that's left after making all the EMIs, and he has to bank again on the credit cards to meet his forthcoming expenses and it's a vicious circle. We are here to help such loved ones, by advice and guidance, how to streamline their income and expenses and how to eliminate their debts over a pre-defined period.





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